Terms & Conditions

What is DigiCard+?
DigiCard+ is a software solution which lets you instantly create professional looking digital business card. It is easy to share and instantly saved in your customer’s contact list.
Can I add photos to my digital business card?
Yes, you can add pictures to your digital business card generated via DigiCard+.
Can I cancel my DigiCard+ plan?

Yes, you can cancel your DigiCard+ paid plan anytime. Full refund is only applicable if cancellation is requested within 15 days of buying any particular paid plan. Once 15 days are over, you can either continue using the service for one year or cancel the service completely.

What is employee card management feature?

Employee Card Management feature is only available in our Business and Enterprise plans, offering the admin of the business owner a single dashboard from where he/she can create and manage digital business cards of all his/her team members. Our Business plan allows creating business cards of up to 100 team members. After that, the customer has to pay for the Enterprise plan.

Which DigiCard+ plan is best for me?
You can always start with a DigiCard+ free plan and enjoy using the available features. Once you find DigiCard+ useful and practical, you can opt for the Premium plan. For businesses having up to 50 team members, we recommend buying our Business plan.
Can I host DigiCard+ on my custom domain?
Yes, our Business and Enterprise plans offer this additional feature to host their DigiCard+ digital visiting card on their custom domain. Do note that they have to purchase/pay for a custom domain separately.
Do you offer a money-back guarantee if I don't like DigiCard+?

We offer 15 days money-back guarantee, during which you can cancel your DigiCard+ paid plan. Once the 15 days duration is over, you’ll only be able to cancel the annual auto-renewal of your DigiCard+ plan. It means you’ll be charged for one-year DigiCard+ service once 15 days money-back guarantee period is over.

What do you mean by 'Cards Downloads'?

We offer a Free plan to everyone but with a limit on the number of Cards Download. Once you create virtual business card using DigiCard+, you’ll share it with your customers and they will download your contact details on their smartphones. In Free Plan, once your contact details are downloaded for 20 times, your free limits will be over and you’ll be requested to upgrade to Premium or Business plan.

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